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Winners of the Valentine’s Day Writing Contest

2º Ciclo

1st prize - João Ortet (6ºE)

This is an important day

So I have got something to say

It’s Valentine’s Day,

So write something before it’s May.

You are being loved, protected at every time.

Even if you don’t notice.

Believe me.

2nd prize – Maria Nobre (6ºD)

My love for you

Will last forever

I will love you

From January, to January

Till the end of the world.

3rd prize – Duarte Almeida (5ºE)

Is your heart a magnet? Because I feel attracted to you.

3º Ciclo

1st prize – Íris Ferreira (9ºD)

Love is intense passion

It’s the power of a look

It’s more than a simple attraction

It’s similar to a romantic book

Love is the taste of a kiss

It makes people shine

It’s the extreme bliss

It’s impossible to define !

On this Valentine’s Day

Find your happiness

And spread the love on the way !

2nd prize – Lucas Pinto (8ºD)

I love you for a lifetime

Not only for a day

I love you for who you are

Not what you do or say

3rd prize – Fabiana Florindo (8ºD)

In heaven I chose a star!

In the garden I chose a flower!

On Earth I chose you!

To be my big love power !

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